Improvised Cinnamon Rolls

By peppersandonions

July 23, 2009

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I watched the Seinfeld episode involving the cinnamon babka (sp?) and wanted something cinnamony right away. And so these were born. I used two of those ‘single serve’ pillsbury biscuits (or use a can–or possibly even pie crust–whatever’s on hand) and ripped each biscuit into 3-4 shreds. then I pinched and rolled and coerced those guys until they were long and thinner. I let them rest by pinching each shred out and then starting back at the beginning with the first one which I rolled into a cinnamon/sugar mixture. By rolled, I mean “rolled and pushed and prodded and massaged and rolled some more” in order to get the mixture in. Then, I let that rest as I coated each biscuit shred in turn. Then I went back to the first strip and rolled the strip up–I was experimenting with tightness of the roll (hence the seashell in the top right corner) and a looser roll (the one most toward the bottom) so that’s what’s up with the variations. Then I sprayed them on top and bottom with canola spray–I’m not sure this was necessary but it made them crunchy toward the outside so if you like that, go for it. If not, I think they’d be softer if left unsprayed. That goopy stuff on the plate is pancake syrup which we used for dipping. Baked about 13 minutes at 350*


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